Sunday, February 20, 2011

Celebrities tweeting about the weather.

I know what you think sometimes. This is not in a creepy, ‘every breath you take’ way, I just know that you occasionally read this blog and have a little, niggling voice of doubt. It’s possibly saying “Not EVERYTHING is about the weather. Jess just can’t take any topic and connect it in some loose and often dubious way to how we’re all ‘affected’ by the weather and need to be more respectful and in awe of it’s awesomeness. I mean, preachy much?” Well yes, I know we can be drawing the occasional long bow in aligning the weather with absolutely everything in our lives. I can however demonstrate how its burly ways affect everyONE, with some random celebrities tweeting about the weather. 

Stephen Colbert, speaking for the everyman. And shoe retailers.

Peter Serafinowicz takes weather analogies to a graphic new level. 

Kanye DEFINITELY read my post on peaking too early, and obviously concurs with the sentiment. I feel Kanye and I have a lot in common, aside from the fact this is one of his only tweets I actually understand.  

Wayne Coyne takes a break from posting naked pictures of his wife to chat about the weather! If you’d like to see regular naked pictures of his wife, feel free to follow.

Radiohead weather metaphor! They are changing the face of EVERYTHING.

I really wish she was talking about the weather here. I don’t think she is. YOU’RE WASTING TWITTER LILY.

That’s better. 

And to end on a serious note:

I haven’t read this article, but I’m sure its full of positive studies about how summer is just one long party. Thanks Al! 

Celebrities. Even they love the weather. 

London tomorrow, see aforeposted Peter Serafinowicz tweet. And then throw up in your wellies.

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