Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A note about the weather.

Pretty simple this one.

This sucks:

When you want to be watching this:

At the last night of open air cinema in London.

Patrick Swayze was right when he sung ‘She’s like the wind’ (and rain). This fatal combination (ouch, sorry Pat. Has it really been a year??), resulted in a home alone Friday night with Season 1 of Buffy.

Other chanteurs who are quite happy to celebrate the weather in song include Belinda Carlisle 'Summer Rain' (it IS great, isn’t it Bel?), Crowded House 'Weather With You' (not even narrowing it down there, it’s just ALL the weather), and pretty much the only Blind Melon song everyone knows, ‘No Rain’ (bit late for me guys). Surely you have a favourite weather song? 

Oh, just remembered Len ‘Steal My Sunshine’. And wish I hadn't.

Tomorrow in London? As above. 


  1. What about the song you want played at your funeral? That's a weather song!

  2. My fave weather song is probably 'Summer in the City' by the Loving Spoonful.