Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where For Art Thou, Weather?

I really don’t think trust issues come into it. It’s just that sometimes you feel like you don’t know who to rely on, who to go to for the truth, who will genuinely have your best interests at heart and ACCURATELY REPORT THE WEATHER.

Example A 

Trusted BBC weather site…. Or so I thought.

Example B

IPad weather app.


You may feel I’m overreacting, but I think weather reading might just be a science. Like, there are machines and gadgets and things which gauge the weather, to a DEGREE. One degree means everything (see afore posted rant about the winter jacket rules). There is also a big difference between heavy rain and a cheeky sun peaking through fat drops of intermittent rain (which is how I interpret the second graphic). 
Aren’t these sites getting their data from the same source? Or are there other rogue Jess Keeley types professing to know more than the MET?

So what to do when we want a reading? You need multiple sources, obsessive analysis and to show a complete lack of loyalty. For instance if it’s your outdoor celebrating event day (wedding, 21st, 50s Mad Men pool party) start checking sites a week in advance, and then only stick with the one giving you the best outcome. The others are lying. If all you want to do is crochet and watch Buffy for six hours, quote your weather excuse from the most rainy of predictions.

Or be your own predictor. See afore posted video of my own obsessive weather predictions from a deserted island. I could not sleep unless I’d told everyone it was going to be a cloudy morning, but would DEFINITELY clear up by breakfast and ultimately end in us having THE BEST DAY EVER.

So make your weather sites work for you. Denial is one thing, delusion is another, but both work when you’re confused and wearing one gum boot, one sandal.*

* I’m aware this post is somewhat contradicting the previous subject matter of peaking too early. That’s what it’s like in this crazy, unpredictable world of weather watching. Subject tornado!!

London today is looking delightful. Yes, both above predictions have sun, seems correct, and 11 degrees, probably incorrect. Today calls for being moderately rugged up, not layered to the hilt. Just make sure you stand in the sun…


  1. It snowed here in the middle of the Blue Mountains last weekend. YES, the middle of October. Spring. Snow. I've lived here for two years and this is the first snow of any kind this low down the mountain. I'm pretty sure winter will never end. But in sparkly Sydney just a few days later I was wearing a singlet.

  2. You know what would be an awesome accompaniment to this amazing weather moment? Photos!!!

  3. Oh yeah, I slept through it... Go me!