Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

When you don’t have an umbrella that cheeky cardinal rule kicks in, it’ll rain. Probably pour. The weather gods love a gag!

But do you really want to be carrying around a golf caddy worthy sized umbrella in potentially blazing sun? What about the teeny, emergency, in your bags ones? Are they really going to do the job?

I’m not going to go all mythbusters and roadtest the durability of these spindly protectors from the wet, but I will list some pros and cons and hopefully inspire someone to create the ultimate weather dome.


Pros ** fits in your bag because it’s teeny

Cons ** the teeniness makes the bones somewhat fragile and this will inevitably happen:

That looks so, so sad. 


Pros ** the ultimate rain protector

Cons ** carrying

With those two options it's clear someone needs to be come up with a sturdy dome, which can also slip into the most delicate of pocket books.

Maybe these folk know how to do it?

Futuristic AND protective.

Genius, seriously. How hard is it to walk next to someone and keep underneath the umbrella edges? Answer, super hard and awkward.

It's like she's in the TV show Gladiators!!!

I'm not sure how any of those babies fold up, but surely you’d be the driest belle at any rainy ball. Lets all get inventing!

London tomorrow, no need for any kind of brolly! In fact it looks like it might even get to, shock, three quarter sleeves weather! (16 degrees +)

Or so it seems...the weather gods might be having a damned comedy night up there.



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